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Older Crud:

4/19/05 - Obvious TV Show Ideas
2/18/05 - The New Steroids Poster Child
1/10/05 - Celebrities As Objects
10/13/04 - Car Magnets Will Help!
10/7/04 - Advice to President Bush


Family Guy Joke Generator
Punch The Video Profesor
What's under the Pope's hat?
Jacko's Nose Generator
Dress Georgie
Shoot the TV (Will only work on WebTV Plus)

Toons, the comic

1/29/07 - Hussein is Dissapointed
1/22/07 - When Wii Attacks
1/12/07 - When Apple Runs Out Of Ideas
1/5/07 - Times vs Post
4/4/03 - Movie Mayham
3/27/03 - Water Cooler fun

Political Comics

2/11/05 - State Of The Union & N. Korea
Duct & Cover

"Untitled Toons" straight from the oddball mind of Jonathan Monaco.

August 2004

Skullivan - A slideshow for the They Might Be Giants Song
Presidental Idol - If I had spent more time making this perhaps it would of been better.... perhaps

Febuary 2004

A Day In The Life Of Howard Dean - In a couple of days this will be so outdated...

December 2003

Good news Mr. President - With the President

June 2003

A special cut scene from The Matrix - With Mr. Daddy

May 2002

Ed The Janitor 3 - With Ed The Janitor

September 2001

The Unexpected - With Mr. Funk, Hank, and surprise guest!
Ed The Janitor 2 - With Ed the Janitor

July 2001

Staring Contest - With Mr. Funk and Hank
Ed the Janitor - With Ed the Janitor
I don't want to be first on line - With Mr. Funk and Hank

December 2000

DAVE THOMAS EATS - With Dave Thomas, Daddyman, and more.

November 2000

PRESIDENTAL DANCE PARTY - With George W. Bush and Al Gore

September 2000

Sick Day - With Hank and Mr. Funk

July 2000

Dr. Boogie - With Dr. Boogie and Mr. Funk

March 2000

LOLLIPOP - With Daddyman

Past Features:

King Kong Comission Report
Just whose falut was the King Kong attack of 1933? What can we do to prevent for happening again?

A little song featuring everyone's fovorite current president..... George Bush!

Halloween 2001
Halloween costume ideas

Halloween 2002
A look at this y ear's costumes goes to NYC
On Labor Day the members of went to New York City. See the photos from their exciting adventures here!

Our New Found Patriotism
Just like everybody else, found out they suddenly liked America (at least for a little while) in fall 2001. Check it out!

Sketches from High School
A look at Cheese God's old Sketch Book from High School.

Jon and Joe
A sample of a script that was started and never ended.. It's like The Neverending story except it doesn't suck quite as much!

Our Joe Millionaire Site
Millions of people were interested in the show, and I thought it's be a good way to sucker people into coming to our site. Too bad no search engine would list it.

Other Misc:

1/7/05 - Superman: The Movie Rant
11/27/02 - Mr. Fish's Laundry Story
03/22/02 - Cheesegod VS. The Phantom
9/15/98 - Abanded "Untitled" project


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