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Fake News



Ok, I'll be honest, a lot of the pictures on this site are, how do you say? ... FAKE! However, these are real! Scanned in from a Party City circular. So, for the first time (at least on this site) lets take a look at some of these questionable costumes:
Yes, what little girl doesn't want to be a slut? And now, thanks to this Halloween costume she can be the King, no Queen, nah I like King better. Yes, "The King of the Sluts." No, I've changed my mind again; Queen is better because "King of the Sluts" sounds more like a pimp or something. Anyway, as I was saying, Queen of the Sluts herself: Brittany Spears. Now your little girl can parade around in her underwear and sleep with the members of N'Sync one by one. Actually, it might be the Backstreet Boys, but who the hell really cares (Except for the millions of people who bought all their albums, but who cares about them, right? Pfft No wonder this site will never become popular)
Hey it's, uh, hmmm, I don't know, "Patriotic Girl"? It's time to support our country, or at least go out on Halloween pretending to be someone who does.
Speaking of supporting our country, what about this George W. Bush mask? Or, at least it's supposed to be Bush. It looks more as if Nixon and Barbara Bush had a child.

Just look at the stupid look on his face. This mask is a complete disgrace, but then again...

It's Sponge Bob Square Pants! This costume must be from that episode where Sponge Bob had that big ass zit on his forehead that looked like some guys face. Wow! What a great show!
Just like the real Yoda. If he was a whole lot taller and had pale human hands that didn't match the skin on his face at all.

What? Why is the scream guy there? I don't know. Sounds like a cool crossover though.

Aw.. It's a cute little pumpkin.

Okay, hold on, what hell is she taking out of her pants? Looks like a switchblade to me. "Look mommy, I'm going to carve myself." I don't know. Folks remember that these images are completely unadulterated. (Little Brittany being the exception.) Don't go blaming me!