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Yes, the people in the street, or at least those tacky message boards, or talking 'bout again. This time the lynch is being headed by people obsessed about "The Phantom Menace" that awful Star Wars movie... what? Oh, they like The Phantom of the opera, not Star Wars Episode 1? Thank god, I was worried for a second.

Anyway, they're all up in arms about a t-shirt appearing for sale right here on this site, what is this offending shirt? Well it's just a simple shirt that appears as so:

Anyway they got all hoity-toity about it as you can read here:

Temporary Phantom Board

So what's my defence? Do I need one? Well, apparantly some people just can't take a joke. And I don't really care. How anyone take anything on this site serously is by far beyond my understanding. But they'll be happy to see it is taken down. After all this site is not here to offend, but to defend as I feel like I'm always doing.

So, what does this mean for Absoulutley nothing. What does this mean for Phantom of the Opera? Still nothing. Oh, and by the way.. I didn't hate Phantom of the Opera... The Phantom Menace, now that's another story... Actually it really isn't, I didn't hate that either... much.

But, if all you Phantom Phreaks (hey, do you guys have an official name for yourself.. you know like how Star Trek fans are Trekkies, They Might Be Giant fans are Giant Heads, and Britney Spear Fans are Retarded?) want revenge why not pick yourself up this new shirt:

THE Offical shirt