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Fake News

scene from the next matrix

We've got a treat for you!

Can't wait for the next Matrix movie to come out? Well we've managed to secure a scene from the next movie that no one else has yet to see.

How did we get this? Quite an odd story actually. Staff member Mr. Daddy, former janitor gone mad, usualy just hangs around our office and sings odd songs and dances. We usually don't pay much attention to him. When he started going on about he was in the next Matrix movie we ignored him as usual, at least until he showed us proof.

Below is video that can not be denied of Mr. Daddy's movie debut in the next Matrix. Just see for yourself.

Please wait for the file to load, it make take a while if your stuck on dusty ol' dial up like myself. You need Macromedia Flash for this (sorry WebTV). Hint: That line under the Macromedia logo is a status bar so you can see how much has loaded so far... oh, and one more thing, there a couple of realy stupid easter eggs in this thing.