Ever wonder how Sumo Wrestlers get their training? Neither have I, but i bet if you did you wouldn’t picture a bunch of big shirtless Asian men sitting in a classroom. But you should, well, actually you don’t have to. Check out this picture:



Sumo hopefuls spend six month learning their wrestling moves, but then another six in a regular classroom learning calligraphy, sports medicine, the history of sumo, biology, social studies and… traditional singing. I do not know why we’ve never seen a singing sumo wrestler, but I have a new goal in my life now.

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It use to be a kid under two went in a special car seat, everyone else wore a seatbelt. Everyone was happy (except those weird guys that like to dress us babies, they were sad that they no longer could sit in special baby seats). But then someone decided kids should sit in special seats until they were six.

Car seats for kids can be expensive. In fact, in recent news we heard about the cop that bought a car seat for a woman instead of giving her a ticket because she was too poor to buy one. But just how much safer is a car seat than just a seatbelt?

According to Freakanomic author Steven Levitt, not much.  Check out these stats he dug up:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 4.39.28 PM


According to this only about 1% more kids survive in a car seat than just a seat belt. Can that be right? All I know is I didn’t sit a car seat when I was six and I didn’t die, so that proves everything.

Here’s the full Ted Talk from Steven Levitt. Watch and decide for yourself!


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It’s been a year since the Breaking Bad finale. Since then Bryan Cranston won another Emmy and starred in Godzilla ( he was excellent in that rubber suit). But before he cooked meth, was Malcom’s father, or even worked on Jerry Seinfeld’s teeth, he did commercials.














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polarisA band that formed in 1993, released one album in 1999, is finally going on tour now, in 2014.

How does something like that happen?

Polaris was formed for just one reason, to provide music for the upcoming kid’s show The Adventures of Pete & Pete. They wrote the theme song, “Hey Sandy” (which, may or may not be about the Kent state massacre, but that’s never been confirmed since it’s probably dark subject matter for a song appearing in a show aimed towards ten year olds), and numerous other songs during the show’s three seasons.

Besides appearing in the beginning of every episode during the opening credits, they also showed up as themselves playing a song that Little Pete would get stuck in his head and spend the rest of the episode trying to figure out what song it was.

The show stopped production in 1996, but it wasn’t until 1999 that an album was finally cut featuring 12 of the songs Polaris wrote for the show. It’s not much of a surprise that the album didn’t sell well since they probably kind of missed the prime moment to release it.  Nonetheless, the album did grow a cult following.

In 2012, Polaris reunited for one night at a Pete & Pete reunion, to which they were warmly received.

1911895_615882018521419_5439347600727903089_nFinally, just this year, Polaris released a cassette single (yes a cassette single in 2014) and announced a tour, including a show In Brooklyn that sold out within moments of it’s announcement.


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