We’ve all known a stinky person. Perhaps a coworker, someone you went to school with, Gordon… It might be fun to laugh at these people and call them names, but it wouldn’t be so much fun if they died.

Gordon Crisp never died… just saying…

The Huffington Post recently posted the above video answering the question, “What would happen if you stopped bathing?” I’m not sure if this is a question that gets asked a lot at The Huffigton Post. Maybe Arianna wants to save the 20 minutes a day so she has more time to voice characters on terrible Seth MacFarlane cartoons, I don’t know.

The main point of the video is that if you stopped bathing you might get sick, get some brown spots on your skin, or have some germs hang out on your body. They seem to gloss over the entire fact that you’ll smell and people won’t want to be your friend or that some of us on the subway might appreciate not having to hold our breath from Times Square to Willets Point.

But perhaps even after you watched the video, you’re sitting in your own filth thinking, “I can deal with brown spots that look like I have Rhinocertis from that Rugrats episode. But I doubt I’ll really die.”

But, you might! Just ask Thomas Townsend.. wait, you can’t… want to know why? Because he’s dead!

Mr. Townsend was a sixteen year old who refused to shower. Of course, he probably didn’t like other kids making fun of him either. His solution was to use a ton of aerosol deodorant instead.

“He would go through a can a week,” his mother told investigators. But that may have been a low estimate because 42 cans of the stuff was found in his room.

Mr. Townsend used so much he died from inhaling too much aerosol. If he just showered he would still be alive. Also, he probably opened a new hole in the ozone layer over his house.

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