AW, they're so cute... nope, nope, sorry, get em' off me, get em' off me!
AW, they’re so cute… nope, nope, sorry, get em’ off me, get em’ off me!

When I was a little kid I would put a piece of wood on the ground outside. Later on I would go back and check if any pill bugs were under it. If there was I’d quickly drop the wood and run away screaming like a little girl.

I guess it was some kind of scientific experiment. I can’t guess why I wanted to attract them if I was so creeped out by them. What I don’t know is why people keep them as pets. But why not, I got a couple of hermit crabs and an empty Coke bottle named Sam I keep as pets, so who am I to judge.

Education time:

So pill bugs have the more scientific name of Armadillidiidae. They are a family of woodlice, which explains why they would show up under the previously mention piece of wood.

People don’t usually want them in there homes or garden since they eat vegetation and roll up into little balls like they think they’re Samos from Metroid, but they are handy to keep in a habitat with a pet tarantula because they’ll keep it clean by eating it’s feces, mold and leftovers. This is similar to why I invite Andy Dick over to my house.


Me and my trusty piece of wood.
Me and my trusty piece of wood.

Or, just forget the tarantula and just keep the pill bugs as pets. They’re actually pretty easy to take care of. According to pawnation, all you need is a plastic tub or glass aquarium to house them in. Put about an inch of soil in their along with some crumbled leaves on top. Use some kind of soil because the bugs like it wet (insert that’s what she said joke here). ¬†And then put some bark in there so they can hide under it and be all creepy how they like.

We already know they apparently eat spider feces, so they’re obviously not too picky about their food intake. You can feed them some old veggies you have hanging around or, if you prefer not to have rotting food in your house, you can feed them fish flakes. If you do feed them veggies take it out before it begins to mold. Because you don’t want mold in your house. These things can only eat so much man.

And as far as lighting goes, they don’t care. They hang out under wood, they obviously don’t like that much.

Well, now your an expert. Go on, be that weird guy that keeps pill bugs in his house.



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