You could eat a KitKat like this… you could also go to hell.

The only chocolate bar I like better than KitKats is Dark chocolate KitKats. Odds are, you’ve probably have eaten a KitKat bar, and if you share my same excellent taste, you very much like them too. Therefor if someone were to ask you what they were made of, you would probably have a pretty good guess. Your most likely your answer would be that they’re chocolate covered wafers, that would be my answer as well. But, we’d be missing an important ingredient: KitKats.

Yes, one of the ingredients of a KitKat bar, is other KitKat bars. What, how can something be made with itself? The wafers and chocolate ingredients are there, but there’s another ingredient in between the individual wafers, and that ingredient is crushed up KitKat bars. You see, sometimes a KitKat bar comes off the assembly line and it’s not suitable to be sold. Maybe it’s the wrong shape, maybe they misspelled KitKat, maybe it contained actual cat, I don’t know, but the point is that they can’t put it in a wrapper and sell it. So rather than just toss it, or give it to employees in lieu of a bonus, they crush it up and put in new KitKat bars.

Now the question is: How was the first KitKat bar made then? My theory is time travel, but like the recipe for Coke or what the capital of New Mexico is, we’ll probably never know.

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