1481325_10202253688400112_915165849_nAnother snowstorm is threatening parts of the north east. That means millions of Americans are rushing to the A&P to buy Milk and Bread so they can enjoy Milk Sandwiches while it snows. In honor of this starchy lactose phenomenon, here are some facts about milk and bread:

1) You most likely have heard of 1% or 2% milk. What many people don’t realize is that the percentage refers to the amount of fat in the milk. Whole milk is only 3%. When someone says 1% milk, it sounds like the contents of the container is 1% milk and 99% water or something.

That said, 1% and 2% milk still taste horrible to me. I want to come up with a method of taking that percent they take out to make 2% milk and add it to whole milk to create 4%. That would be some tasty, fattening stuff.

No matter how you feel about low fat milk, we can all agree it tastes better than powdered milk.

2) For about 3 months in 1943, sliced bread was banned. This was due to sliced bread needing more wax paper to stay fresh. However bakeries were allowed to keep slicing bread. Bread sellers found this unfair and fought the law. Meanwhile housewives also revolted, complaining they didn’t have time to slice bread. The ban was short lived.

3) Milk jugs at Costco are square. Why? Because it makes them easier to stack and ship, saving them millions a year. Then they pass those savings onto you… or maybe they don’t, how would I know, I’m not their book keeper.

Ow! My bones are so brittle. But I always drink plenty of.... Malk?
Ow! My bones are so brittle. But I always drink plenty of…. Malk?

4) The Egyptians used moldy bread to treat infections that arose from getting dirt in burn wounds. Next time I burn myself and then roll around in mud I’ll have to keep this in mind.

5) Goat milk for the win! Even though you probably think of milk as coming from a cow, 65% of the world actually drinks goat milk. Apparently goat milk is naturally homogenized, easier to digest and rarely causes lactose intolerance. But still, Goats are too creepy for me, I’d rather drink rat milk.

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