Just watched the Modern Marvels about Fast Food Tech on that there History network. A couple of things stand out to me.

First, an “expert” said that more people are eating Mexican food because they see it contains lettuce, tomatoes, and tortillas and think it’s healthy. What? Anyone who’s stupid enough to think Taco Bell is good for them probably deserve the healthy problems they are probably going to get. Let me give all our readers a helpful hint about food, if it makes you have explosive diarrhea, that’s your body telling you it wants the food the hell out of it. If the food looks like gonorrhea before you eat it, perhaps you should pass.

Also, what’s the History Channel’s obsession with aligning food up. Before every commercial break is a fact about how if you put every French fry sold at McDonald’s side by side it would wrap around the earth 20 times, or if you stacked up every pita from Taco Bell it’d be taller than the Empire State Building. Is this the only way we can measure how much food a retailer sells? When White Castle places an order with their distributer do they just ask for a couple of cases? Or do they instead ask for enough pickles to fill a kiddie pool?

By the way, there is really nothing on TV to watch anymore. Silly writers strike.

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