January was a good month for George W. Bush. Iraqi elections, the inaguaration, and he finaly got past that big doofy looking guy in Resident Evil 4.

Of course his father, George H.W. Bush, couldn’t be prouder. And how does any father reward their son for good work?

With a trip to Chuck E. Cheese of course! Here’s the photos for the celebration:

George getting excited as they arrive:

George plays in the ball pit.

George losing at Air Hockey…

…to this child.

And of course what trip wouldn’t be complete without George meeting his hero:

Note: In case you are wondering why Bush is wearing about three different outfits in these pictures, the answer is simple. He arrived in a suit, but got pizza sauce on it. Luckily the president always keeps a emergency tux in case of a last minute formal. However, after the other kids starting calling him ‘Mr. Fancy Pants,’ he changed again, this time into his emergency ‘got to pretend to work on a farm to make me appeal to the common man’ outfit.

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