Here it is folks, the 13th hour, of the 13th day, of the 13th month.

This event only happens once a year, and not even that often.

-Some interesting facts about the month of Smarch:

-It’s a result of the misprinted calendars at Springfield Elementary.

-It only has 28 days, only one of two months to be so queer.

-In history, best known as the day that the Groundkeeper of Springfield Elementary school burned to death and seemed vengeance by going after children in their dreams.

-Don’t Touch Willie… Godd advice.

-The unofficial 13th month of the They Might Be Giants music service: TMBG unlimited, was released under the Smarch name.

– There are songs called “Lousy Smarch Weather” by two different bands, Dead Batteries and Your Black Star. I’ve never heard of either, and neither have you. But you can listen to one of them below via spotify:

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