imagesIt’s day 4 government shutdown. So far things are okay but it’s getting harder to keep on going. I fear what things may become things may soon become if not corrected.

We have taken to watching the part of Independence Day  before they blow up the White House to remember what it was once like in Washington DC.

Because the Panda cam is down I’ve taken to watch my own dog. she is cute in a I’m not fat black and white bear eating bamboo kind of way.

So many people are out of work, it’s beginning too feel like a Bush presidency.

We tell tales of what it was like “Before Shutdown” or as we like to refer to it as B.S.. We talk about what it was like when the NSA listened to all of our phone calls, instead of just some of them.

But we are “Presently In Shutdown Situation” or as I like to forward to it as P.I.S.S. Bill is beginning to smell pretty bad. I beg him to take a shower, but the chances of passing a clean bill seem more and more unlikely.

We’re longing for the days of A.S.S. or “After Shutdown Situation”. Until then we have to do with our rations of overpriced souvenir postcards and Lincoln monument PEZ dispenses.

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