It’s been widely reported that it now costs 1.4 cents to make a penny. In other words, the US treasury is actually spending more to make money, than the money they’re making is worth. Luckily is here with a solution:

Ads on money! Why not?

Next time you spend a dollar, why not be told you could be “saving dollars” on your car insurance at Geico?

How about a coupon on that dollar that tells you that, “if you spend this dollar at blockbuster video, you’ll get 10% off your rental price.”

Or how about a simple statement that their are many fine items I could use this dollar for on the dollar menu at Wendy’s?

It’s obvious, the dollar is a symbol of America, and just about the only inch of this nation not already completely plastered with ads. It’s time to have a currency that really represents America.

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