By now we’ve all seen the looting that is occurring in New Orleans in the aftermath of the hurricane devastation. And, like me, you probably shook your head and waggled your finger at the TV screen in a disapproving manor.

But, let’s look at it this way. They says hundreds, possibly thousands are missing or dead. The area has been evacuated yet these people are still there, probably because they have nowhere to go (or maybe they’re afraid that someone will loot their house if they leave). Now, if your stuck there, what are you going to do for food? Ain’t nowhere open to shop.

Also these people have lost everything, let them steel a pair of shoes, when they get home it’ll still be a hurricane wrecked piece if crap house. Of all the looters I’ve seen on TV, none have them seemed too happy. Not one looter was skipping down the street with a shopping bag, excited about the great deals they were getting.

Of course people also stealing things they don’t need, like plasma TVs. I’m sure those TVs will look great back at their houses that lack electric/cable/roofs.

And, for those of you wondering where the police are in all this, don’t worry! They are getting in on the fun too! As seen in this video:

Watch video (Windows Media)

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