The Jokes:

Today is 12/12/12, the last day ever of repeating dates… Unless of course you count January 1st, 2101… or 1/3/13, or 2/2/22, ect.

Twitter is planning on adding Instagram like filters to their phone apps. Thank God, I was just saying how I wished their was a way to make the photos I take with my cellphone camera look crappier.

North Korea launched a long range rocket, as a demonstration of being able to reach the US with a nuclear bomb. Man, North Korea is trying to kill us and South Korea gives us PSY, do either of the Koreas like us?

The Carrot Myth of WWII:

Did your mom/grandma/lunch lady/that strange homeless guy on the corner that kind of looks like Wings Hauser ever tell you to eat your carrots because it’ll help your vision? Well guess what? It was all lies!

Of course we’re told a lot lies by our parents. Santa Claus, Columbus discovered America, you can be anything you want if you apply yourself, college will get you a good job, ect. But the carrot lie is interesting because it was started by the British Air force during the second world war.

The British had invented something called Radar that was helping them bomb targets at night. The Germans of course were curious why they were getting their asses handed to them, so to keep them from learning the real secret the British started the rumor that they were feeding their pilots carrots. The carrots would give the English pilots “cat like eyes” allowing them to see in the dark.

While it’s unknown if the Germans fell for it, the British public certainly did. Many began eating carrots to help them see in the blackout. The myth eventually spread to the United States where parents were suddenly armed with an excuse to make kids eat their vegetables.

Carrots help him see ways of screwing over the public no one else can.

Eating massive amounts of carrots can actually be bad for you. It is possible to overdose on vitamin A, which in some rare cases can actually kill. Even odder is something called carotenosis, which causes one’s skin to turn orange. No word if this is what’s wrong with John Boehner.

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