The Jokes:

Today in Michigan two anti-labor union bills are being considered by the government. Who would of expected that one day that joining in a union with a person of the same sex would be more acceptable than joining a labor union?

Scientists say a lizard they named after Obama was wiped out by dinosaurs. Hmmm, Obama defeated by a dinosaur? Sounds like what republicans were hoping would happen in the last two elections.

DirecTV edged out Dish Network in a recent customer service poll. That’s like saying White Castle farts smell better than milk farts.

WWII Cartoons:

During the second World War everyone got involved in the war effort. Including Popeye, Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny. These cartoons have been considered “banned” not only because the subject matter is not up to date but they are not politically correct.

This Popeye cartoon contains a rather unflattering portrayal of Japanese people at about the 4 minute mark. There is some funny jokes in here though, plus it is never inappropriate to see Hitler get punched in the face.

This Donald Duck cartoon doesn’t really offend in any way, unless maybe you’re a member of the tea party. This is basically a 6 minute pro-tax propaganda film.  Isn’t it interesting though that during World War II taxes were increased to help pay for the war, but during the two wars we’ve had these past 10 years taxes have been lowered?

Finally, if you want your cartoons offensive, this one will not disappoint:

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