The Jokes:

Saw a headline that said Nelson Mandela was having some tests. Man, it’s finals week for everyone, isn’t it?

New study says social media may help stop childhood obesity. Man between this, Michelle Obama and Twinkees no longer existing, it’s a bad time for the fat community. There is one sign of hope though, as the McRib is back.

Foxconn, the company that manufactures everything from iPhones to Xboxes is planning on opening plants in America. It’s the perfect way to lower the unemployment rate if you think about it. Foxconn hires unemployed person, unemployed person hates working there so much they kill themselves, Foxconn hires another unemployed person.

The Art of Adolph Hitler:

When people looked at this artwork I wonder many thought, “It’s nice, but I bet the guy who painted this turns out the be the biggest douche of all history”

Last week was the 71st anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. To commemorate this event we are using this week to look back at some of the lesser known facts surrounding World War II.

The story goes that at the age of 17, Adolph Hitler didn’t plan on being evil and just wanted to paint purdy pictures.

He had  theaspiration of becoming an artist. He left his childhood home with all his inheritance money to take up residence in Vienna. There he tried to enter the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. However his submitted portfolio was judged to be unsatisfactory and Hitler was not allowed to attend the school. He was told he lacked the appreciation of the human form and, based on his love on drawing buildings,  to try architecture instead.

Hitler did have can interest in architecture, but since he never graduated high school going to a university for architecture was unlikely. While in Vienna Hitler’s mother would die and leave him without parents (his father was already dead). Hitler went through his inheritance and eventually wound up homeless.

Some pretty flowers from an ugly man.

Hitler kept painting, occasional selling some of his art, but ultimately is was during this time that he began forming his extreme ideas and opinions.

But what would of happened if Hitler was allowed to keep painting. Would he have been some peaceful guy just painting flowers? Was Hitler just a bad painter who took out his frustration on an entire race of people, like the bully who beats up kids smarter than himself?

Some other quick Hitler facts:

  • He was extremely shy around woman.
  • When he was in the military and couldn’t wear his gas mask with a full sized mustache and had to shave it to the familiar width as we know it.
  • The doctor that tried to save Hitler’s mother, the person who rejected him from the art school, and the dealer who sold his art were old Jewish. There have been theories it was frustration with these people that led Hitler to decide to hate all Jewish people. Most do not accept this has the reason though.

Watch This:

That’s enough Hitler. Here’s a guy not quite as evil: Bane.

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