“My name’s Ice Cream Jones (ding-a-ding-a-ding) I”m bringin the kids my Ice Cream

Cones. A crunchy new cereal for breakfast, with the great taste of ice cream cones.”

I’m just about to sit down a nice bowl of Frosted Flakes and I suddenly began thinking about some of the cereals I ate as a child. So, I think perhaps now be a good time to sit back and take look back in time… a look back in time all the way to the 1980’s.

Here are a few of the cereals I can remember at one point sitting on my kitchen table:

Ice cream Jones

Ice cream Jones was a cereal that features Ice Cream… for breakfast! If you think that sounds stupid, shut up! Considering these days we got Reece’s cereal and Smores cereal. Ice cream Jones didn’t really taste like ice cream anyway. It did taste like ice cream cones, but who’d want that? Me, I guess, I ate it.

The cereal had little tiny cones and little kix like shaped “scoops,” which, if you wanted to, could actually be placed on top of a cone piece. Of course when all these pieces are floating around in milk it never really resembles ice cream.

Nintendo Cereal System

Mario Bros. & Zelda cereal! This one of those cereals I’m willing to bet I begged my mom to buy and then wish I never had. The box was probably better than the cereal… and the box isn’t that great.

Dunkin’ Donuts

You ever see that old Saturday Night Live Sketch where they are advertising a cereal called “Tiny Chocolate Donuts”. Basicaly it’s just those tiny chocolate donuts from Hostess in a bowl with milk. Well, I wonder if whoever thought up this cereal was watching that sketch when they came up with Dunkin’ Donuts Cereal.

Dunkin’ Donuts, which like almost every other cereal, just pretty much was just more sugar oats. This cereal cleverly contained two different cereals in each box, chocolate & glazed. What flavor you’d get depended on if you opened it from the right or left side. The box kind of opened like a box of Nerds, speaking of which:


Yes Nerds candy was a cereal! Why? Why not I guess?

Nerds cereal by most people account was horrible and tasted like vomit. I don’t remember what it tasted like, and that wasn’t really the point. Each box came in two flavors that could be poured from either end depending on which flavor you desired.

You could also mail away for a special bowl that had a divider in the middle so you could keep the flavors separate. The divider could then be taken out so the milk could mix together when you were done. Genius!

Morning Funnies

I don’t remember anything about how this cereal tasted, what it was suppose to taste like, or even what it looked like. That was all beyond this cereal’s point.

Usually when your sitting at the kitchen table, eating your cereal, you just have nothing to do other than read the back of the cereal box. But that can get boring fast. Morning Funnies tried to change all that by putting comics on the back of the cereal. There would actually be a cardboard flap on the back that when opened would extend the box’s back to three full pages of comics. Except the comics weren’t that great. And you could easily read through all of them through one sitting. And once you’d read them, what was the point of eating the cereal anymore?

King Vitamin

There was nothing special about this cereal, which still exists to this day. But this is what I remember eat most often in my younger days. Most likely this cereal was very easy on the wallet, and that is why it found it’s way into my bowl most often. The taste actually wasn’t too bad either, but man, that’s one scary box.

Oh well, there were tons more I ate I’m sure, but that can wait for another time.
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