The Jokes:

Newspapers and blogs criticized the New York Post for running a photo of a man about to get hit my a train on it’s front cover. And of course each of these blogs and newspaper ran a photo of the Post’s front cover containing said picture.

Netflix has reached an agreement to carry Disney movies on it’s streaming service. That of course means their film library will be enhanced with such films as Snow Dogs and Haunted Mansion. Don’t forget that Disney now owns Lucas Arts, so that means Netflix will get Howard The Duck too.

It is said that the Republicans will soon be facing a civil war within their party over raising taxes. What’s with Republicans always starting civil wars?

Netflix Recommendations:

Looking for something good to watch on your Netflix streaming account? Let me help! Here is some stuff:

Freaks &  Geeks

Probably best known at this point as starring Seth Rogen (Superbad, Knocked Up), Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and James Franco (127 Hours, Spider-Man) before they were famous, Freaks & Geeks is probably the greatest televised definition of what life is like in high school.

The show takes place in the 80s, but the situations and characters ring true in any decade. This show probably best defined the awkwardness that is being a teenager. If you have not watched this show yet, you are missing out.

And the great list of actors isn’t enough to convince you, consider this: The show created, written and produced by Paul Feig and Judd Apatow, who work together again on a little movie named Bridesmaids.


The Aquabats Supershow

The Aquabats are an unusual bunch. They’re a ska band that dresses up as superheros and fight villains on stage  while singing songs with subjects such as eating chicken, pool parties, powdered milk and having hands covered in glue. After doing this for nearly two decades a children’s TV show seemed natural.

The show is for children, but if your a fan of the band or a kid at heart with a love for goofy comedy this is worth checking out.



If there’s one thing Netflix has a lot of, it is odd documentaries and this is one of them. Trekkies is all about the fans that obsess over Star Trek. You’ll meet a guy that rides in his Captain’s Pike replica wheelchair down to Radio Shack to collect parts for a cloaking device he’s working on, here the story of how Scotty kept a person from killing themselves and see a guy go grocery shopping in his Federation uniform. There’s more, but isn’t that enough to sell you already?

Star Trek fans will enjoy this film for the interviews with the cast and crew of the shows. Non Fans will enjoy laughing at the die hard trekkies be weird.


 Watch This:

The Simpsons have their own take on the fiscal cliff and the election results:

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