The Jokes:

Americans spent 121 billion minutes on social media sites last month. Just a little over half of that was spent sharing funny pictures of cats.

Movies about Steve Jobs and Dick Cheney debuted at the Sundance film festival. Due to strict truth in advertising laws in Europe, it is now being called the Son-Of-A-BitchDance Film Festival.

A nasty virus hit a few thousand Tumblr blogs this week. Luckily it didn’t affect the three anyone actually cares about.

Bazooka Joe Bites It:

Twinkies are gone, now Bazooka Joe? What is this world coming to?

It has been announced that while the gum will still be made, it will no longer include a comic with each piece. Bazooka Joe gum has included a comic with every piece since 1953, that’s almost 60 years. In order to modernize their product, Bazooka brands has announced the comics will instead include brainteasers or activities like how to fold the wrapper into a paper airplane. Of course, the biggest brainteaser might be how paper airplanes or brainteasers are considered any more modern than comics.

Growing up rather fiscally Bazooka Joe gum was something I could afford. It was infamously only a nickel and included a comic. Both entertainment and something to chew on for just 5 cents was quite a deal. The gum wasn’t the greatest and the comics weren’t funny but the price was right and much better than the other budget gum alternative, Double Bubble.

All hope isn’t lost as of May 2009 a Bazooka Joe movie was in the works. Until that materializes I suggest reading Marmaduke if you have the hankering for unfunny comics.

Watch This:

This invention combines bikes and Monty Python. Yes, this is a real product you can actually buy.

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