The Jokes:

President Obama and nonpresident Romney are scheduled to meet for a lunch date. I imagine like after most big disputes this is their way of getting together for makeup sex.

Sammy Sosa, Mark McGuire and Roger Clemens have all become eligible for the Hall of Fame. Big step up from a couple of weeks ago when they were eligible for jail time.

Astronomers announced they have found the largest black hole, 17 billion times larger than the sun! It’s so big they have dubbed it “Goatse.”

15 Years Later:

So our month long celebration of our 15 Year birthday comes to an end. I can’t think of a better way to end it with a clip of our own Mr. Daddy sining Lollipop, orginally published back in 2000.

Here  are a couple of random cheesegod facts:

-Cheesegod’s biggest news story was not featured in this month’s celebration. It was however featured on the front page of Digg (back when that meant something), on Joystiq and the New York Times (yes, the prestigious newspaper). The article was about the Nintendo games Animal Crossing and the RIAA.

– The second most popular item on cheesegod was also not featured this month. But it has a link on the top of this site the whole time. That would be, of course, the Family Guy joke generator.

– The original URL for cheesegod was It was like that for the first three years until it changed to when we moved over to our custom domain.


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