I don’t know why MySpace bugs me so much. It’s kind of cool actually. It lets even the most brain dead idiots make web pages and keep in touch with others. Afterall I’ve found people I haven’t seen in years through MySpace.

But some of those people on MySpace, actually most of them, they’re just so… urgh. The way they encode annoying music & video right into the page. How they put a million pictures all over their profile. How they choose backgrounds that blend in way too much with the text color so you can’t read anything. Oh, they must pay..

One thing that annoys me about MySpace is that everyone just links to pictures on other people’s websites. They don’t ask permission, or bother too upload it to their own webspace somewhere. They do this constantly to me, and this how I strike against them.

It seems many MySpace users decided they wanted to show their love of long time gone (for good reason) show, “Salute Your Shorts,” by posting a picture from my site. But it seems I’ve accidentally deleted the picture and replaced it with a very inappropriate picture of Tom Selleck. Lets see how long it takes MySpace users to notice and remove the picture. Here are eight different MySpace profiles now showing this horrible image:


This isn’t limited to MySpace of course, this Xanga user also is in the mix. As this illegal bootleg seller on ebay.

Cruel? Perhaps. But hey, they’re getting links from me! Free publicity!

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