Needing a break from curing cancer, scientists have made a major breakthrough in monkey porn. Yep, monkey porn. Scientists of Duke University Medical Center have discovered that monkeys will pay to see pictures of ‘monkey bottoms.’

This is great news for those in the porno industry trying to attract an audience other than teenage men, dirty old men, middle-aged men, and any other kind of men you can think of.

Unfortunately the monkey so far can only pay in “juice rewards” to see these ‘monkey bottoms.’ But maybe now they can jobs to pay for their dirty habit.
Their has got to be something a monkey can do, I wonder how much that monkey on
Friends makes…

You can read more about this wonderful phenomenom here.
By the way, I’m curious to see how many hits I get from people actually
searching for “monkey porn,” or fat that matter what kind of ads google will put
on here using their “content targeting” system.

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