The Jokes:
The final film of the Twilight saga came out this weekend. Between that and Twinkies, that’s two disgusting things that’s ended.

30 Rock is also coming to an end. Which is good for NBC because they’ve been looking for a place to add another horrible sitcom starring Matt LeBlanc.

Of course, the news is now that Twinkies might not be disappearing after all. As the company and the union have agreed to enter mediation. Thank god. I almost ate a fruit!

15 Years Later:

We are still celebrating our 15th birthday at by presenting some of our favorite posts from the past. And here’s another one, originally published January 19, 2006:


Non-Amazing Fact: If it were 21 years ago it’d be 1985, the central point of the 1980s.

To celebrate this non-amazing fact about the 1980s, I am proud… well, proud is too strong of a word, how about… somewhat giddy, yes somewhat giddy to present 11 amazing facts about the 1980s. Here we go…

Amazing Fact: Before he helped pioneer podcasting, Adam Curry was a VJ on MTV where he presented the top 20 videos each week. What is more amazing about this fact, that Adam Curry was actually considered cool or that MTV used to show music videos? You decide! To decide send a 3×7 postcard with your decision in 8,091 words or more to Jay Leno, 3000 West Alemeda ave, Burbank Cal.

Amazing Fact: No one has ever found Chevy Chase to be funny. We just went to see his movies out of pitty for him.

Amazing Fact: It was a tear in a parallel universe vortex that caused a merger with the Bizzaro world for a short time that led to the Mets winning the world series. It had nothing to do with Dwight Gooden’s Floor Wax sniffing addiction however.

Amazing Fact: People used to recognize Steve Guttenburgh as an actor instead of just a lyric from the Stonecutter’s song on The Simpsons.

Amazing Fact: The game Donkey Kong was actually based on the lives of Marlan Brando and Chuck Norris.

Jazz Is Like The New Coke…

Amazing Fact: The cable company used to only carry 36 stations. They now carry the same 36, but with an additional 200 home shopping networks.

Amazing Fact: The new Coke was not actually supposed to replace the original Coke flavor. It resulted when the soda syrup supply was accidentally tainted with a vat of hobo urine. New Coke was the best method the marketing department could come up with to not waste all that soda.

Amazing Fact: Bill Gates first achieved world domination in the 1980s thanks to the popularity of Microsoft and his lucky socks.

Amazing Fact: The first iPod debuted in 1984 but was widely unpopular due to it being 2 feet wide and 5 feet tall. While it did hold an impressive 2 mp3s, no one cared since mp3s had not been invented yet.

Amazing Fact: Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Dave Thomas were all still alive. They often went skiing and would enjoy a Wendy’s brand chili together.

Amazing Fact: Mr. Bean debuted and was widely popular until it was revealed that it was actually a reality show starring a real retarded man who once killed a rat by petting it to hard.


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