The Jokes:

Anyone else think these storms are just a conspiracy between the Weather Chanel and the bread industry to make money?

Sandy wasn’t such a bad storm before she started hanging around that damn no good hurricane Danny.

The news networks are all going bananas, they forgot other newsworthy stories could happen a week before the election.

Frankenstorm 2012: The Attack of Sandy: A Sequel to Hurricane Irene:

It’s quite possible as you are reading this I am already without power, being flooded, or dying from not buying enough bread or milk. At least if believe the hype.

All this past weekend panicked people have been running from store to store buying up every last pack of batteries or drip of bottled water. Sometimes they are even lucky enough to find the coveted generator. With one of those marvels and a DirecTV dish you can be the marvel of your neighborhood as you don’t miss a single episode of Modern Family.

The rest of are prepared to face what we really know is happening. C’mon it’s the end of 2012. Hurricanes, earthquakes, frankenstorms… Mitt Romney! We’ve all seen the crappy sci-fi movies, we darn well it’s the end of days.

But there’s no need to worry. As the apocalypse occurs and the flying horsemen soar overhead we’ll have plenty of peanut butter sandwiches and sour milk to enjoy.

Listen to This:

This song keeps running through my head as I watch the news about Hurricane Sandy. Other than containing the name Sandy, it has absolutely nothing to do with the storm, but then again it also has nothing to do with The Adventures of Pete & Pete either and it was that show’s theme song.



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