The Jokes:

News stations are examining whether it was noticed that Obama/Romney lost TV time due to Hurricane Sandy. As someone who lost power for a week I noticed a whole less of everything on my television that week. At one point I thought there was some weird alien show on, but it turned out it was just my reflection.

Last year some retailers opened on Thanksgiving night at midnight so shoppers could get their Black Friday deals earlier. This year some are opening midday and others are opened all day on Thanksgiving. One store is opening so early they’ve already closed.

Obama recently cried during a speech to his campaign staff.  I’m thinking he just realized he has to deal with another four years of Republicans blocking him, Fox News hating him, Iran shooting at him and Donald Trump just screeching like a monkey in the background.

15 Year Later:

Our 15 year anniversary walk down memory lane continues! This one has references to TiVo, George W. Bush and the Iraq War, and that’s just in the title! How 2003 can you get? This was originally published on April 13th of that year.

Bush Gives War In Iraq Three Thumbs Up On TiVo

Three thumbs up is more than an average man can do, because he only has two thumbs.

George Bush announced yesterday that he gave The War on Iraq three thumbs up on TiVo, showing how much he loves the war.

“Now that TiVo knows how good this war is, hopefully it will begin suggesting new countries to invade,” Bush told reporters by speaker phone while he sat in his pajamas eating a bowl of Captain Crunch, “I also gave Family Matters three thumbs up cause that Urkel kid cracks me up.”

So far, however, TiVo has only suggested a rerun of Perfect Strangers and American Pie 2.

“It’s not what I was looking for, but that Balki guy cracks me up too. American Pie 2 has boobies in it, so it can’t be that bad,” Bush told us later from Noise Land Video Arcade where he had just finished up a game of Street Fighter.

Bush also announced he canceled his season pass to Newsline because he was afraid it would cause Pokemon to be deleted from the Hard Drive.

Watch This:

Here’s a new one. A guy leaves her car running and somehow the accelerator gets stuck resulting in never ending reverse donuts. If you get bored watching it, and I’m not sure how you ever could, skip ahead to the 6:50 mark to see how they get it to stop.


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