The Jokes:

The northeast is getting ready for a major storm. We don’t mind, as nonswing states we are just happy to get the attention.

Obama appeared on MTV on Friday to reach out to his base of young voters. Meanwhile Romney is attempting to splice himself into reruns of Diagnoses Murder to appeal to his base.

Can someone please tell me why Breast Cancer still exists? I’ve been wearing pink nonstop, you think that would of cured it by now.

Coming This November to

Sadly, this is still the nicest cake I’ve received. Although the “Take A Shower” one was nice too.

Does news about on count as an update to Meh, who cares?

I have not one, not two… no wait it’s two, two exciting announcement for this November.

First up,

make sure you tune in on election day, November 6th 2012, for our LIVE coverage of the presidential election results. Starting at 9pm I will be live blogging the entire shabang. It will include a constantly updating electoral vote map exclusive to this site. Plenty of live commentary. And of course, plenty of bad jokes.Our electoral map will be unique in that’ll show states that haven’t yet finished voting, but are certainly going to vote for a certain candidate. For example, we all know California is going to vote for Obama, there’s no need to pretend otherwise. We’ll have California called for Obama from the very start. This will make it easier to get a better idea of the state of the race before the big networks officially call it.

Live coverage will start at 8pm on November 6th. Don’t miss it!

Also this November we’ll be finally acknowledging that somehow this site is now 15 years old! All November we’ll be bringing you our favorite stories from the past 15 years! I call it “Let’s Remember, This November” you can call it repeats.

Of course there will be new jokes other fun stuff throughout the month! Stay tuned.

Watch This:

Jimmy Fallon definetly has a talent for combining completley random unrelated things. Here’s Tom Hanks performing poetry about Full House:

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