10/25/12 – AweSUM!

Oct 25, 2012

The Jokes:

Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said earlier this week that getting pregnant from rape is part of God’s plan. Too bad for him that God doesn’t choose senators, because he defiantly isn’t part of the voter’s plans anymore.

Experts are saying Obama could lose the popular vote but still win the presidency. That’s so rare and outrageous it hasn’t happened since the last president.

Washington DC plans on soon passing a law allowing Driverless cars. Thank God, I’m so tired of going everywhere with Mini Driver in my car.



I’ve never reviewed a mobile game on here before. Not a huge fan of them. Sure, I love to throw birds at pigs just like most people, but I still prefer my old fashioned Nintendo dedicated gaming handheld to anything via the cellphone experience. I’m just one those old fogies that likes playing games with buttons rather than touch screens or waggling a controller or waving my arms in front of a camera that eerily seems to be watching me all the time.

However I recently began playing a game called AweSUM! after it was featured as the free app of the day on Amazon’s appstore. And it is surprising fun and addicting.

First of all, let’s just get this out of the way: It is a math game. Yeah, it requires adding. Hence the “SUM” part of the name. But, do not fear it being some educational game designed for 2nd graders to sharpen their arithmetic skills. It is a fun game that just happens to have math in it.

AweSUM! is a puzzle game that uses the traditional method of falling blocks that must be continually cleared before they hit the top of the screen. Same formula as Tetris, Klax and almost every other puzzle game to come out in the last 30+ years. The difference here is each block has numbers on it. You must drop these blocks on top of previously dropped to add the numbers up to a predetermined number.

For example, if the predetermined number is 5, and the block currently falling has a 3 on it, you’ll want to drop it on a 2. Easy enough, right? Of course, just like those other previously mentioned games as the speed increases your brain and reflexes will have to as well.

This game is really enjoyable, and has the perfect pick up and play while you have a couple of minutes to spare that works so well for cell phones.

The game can be had for Android phones from amazon appstore or the Google play store for 99 cents.

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Anytime there’s a new episode of the Angry Video Game Nerd, I think it is noteworthy.

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