The Jokes:

A Milwaukee police officer has been brought up on charges for fingering the anuses of suspects. I believe his name is Cop A. Feal.

I sometimes think I’d like to date a bald girl, just do I don’t get a mouth full of hair when we spoon.

My landlord told me I could have pets. I was very excited, but he hasn’t pet me yet…


Biden showing his “Oh” Face.

It may seem unlikely, but is possible that this could be our new president/vice president combo for the next four years.

In the electoral college, a nominee needs to get at least 270 electorates to become president. The problem is there is a scenario (actually about 100 of them) where both candidates could each wind up with 269.

So what happens then? The house gets to choose the new president. Being that the house is currently, and most likely to stay, mostly made up of republicans Mitt Romney would almost certainly be their choice.

Then the senate would get to choose the Vice President. Since the senate is currently made up of a majority of democrats, they might choose to keep Biden. In fact, there’s even a scenario where the senate could tie on their decision for VP 50/50. In that case the tie breaking vote would go to the current Vice President. Meaning that Biden could in theory elect himself into office.

Of course, the vice president doesn’t really do anything other than to sit around and wait for the president to die, so it could mean nothing. But still, Romney probably wouldn’t appreciate his own vice president criticizing everything he does as he gets ready to run against him in 2016.

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