The Jokes:

Scientists report in 5 million years that the sun will burn out. At least we finally know when the Simpson’s will end.

Mitt Romney is now considering raising taxes. At least he’s consistent being inconsistent.

Mumford & Son’s new album outsold new CDs from both Green Day and No Doubt proving only old people still buy their music.

MyStub Hub Story:

A more efficient way of selling a ticket.

A few weeks ago I bought a ticket to see Adam Ant at the Best Buy Theatre in Times Square for this past Saturday night. Yeah, I know Adam Ant. Don’t judge me. They don’t let him out of the insane asylum to often, so this might be a once in a lifetime chance. Plus the show sold out, so think whatever you want about my music tastes, but at least I’m not the only one.

About a ten days ago I realized I couldn’t make it. So I decided to try Stub Hub. I have never bought or sold tickets via their site (in the past I’ve used eBay, and had no issues) but thought it was worth giving a shot. I like giving everything a shot, that’s why I got married after all.

I listed my tickets and on the morning of 10/3 at 12:30am I got an email stating my ticket sold (at a nice profit of $20 to boot, now I can afford that Kirkland jug of mayonnaise I’ve had my eye on).

I printed up the FedEx label conveniently provided by Stub Hub and shipped out the ticket to a person willing to spend $70 on a mentally unbalanced up new wave artist.

On 10/5, the day before the show I receive an email from Stub Hub declaring the order to have been cancelled. No reason given. Doesn’t matter that my ticket was already shipped and out of my hands. They did let me know that they were going to have the ticket resent to me, of course it wouldn’t be arriving until 2 days after the show. Not a big deal though, right? Who buys tickets to actually use them? I like to just buy them to hang on my wall and look at them.

So of course I emailed them back asking for an explanation. How did they respond? They told me I was supposed to have shipped out the ticket by 10/2, so the buyer had the right to cancel. Interesting, considering 10/2 was the day before the ticket sold. Unless I’m Doc Brown (the scientist, not the soda brand) I don’t see how that’s possible. Hell, if I was Doc Brown I’d go back in time to the 80s and see Adam Ant in his prime and then cruise for chicks in my kick ass DeLorean.

Now I’m even more ticked off. I respond pointing out how they’re nuts, and the whole thing is a scam. But I’m contempt with it. Even though I’m out $40 I decide to chalk it up to life experience. Lesson learned: Make sure you don’t buy a ticket unless you can be sure you can use attend and, more importantly, don’t use Stub Hub.

But, surprisingly enough, about 2 hours before the show was going to start I get a phone call from a person at Stub Hub personally apologizing for the mix up and they were going to give me the full amount the ticket sold for.

Now, of course, it would of been better for their not to have been a screw up in the first place. Their excuse was kind of dumb, they blamed it on a time zone difference. But I’m still impressed. It is rare for a company to admit they were wrong and make good.  So Stub Hub, I salute your customer service. Now, let’s see if their are tickets for Bananarama for sale…

Watch This:

Another Gangnam Style related video. May I present to you, Mitt Romney Style:

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