The Jokes:

It happened again! Fox News showed another suicide: President Obama’s debate performance.

Now Samsung is suing Apple over the new iPhone. Not to be left out, Nokia is suing a brick factory for stealing their design.

Two years ago the Oscars brought in James Franco as host to lure in younger viewers,. This year it’s Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane. Next year? Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba.

 Cinnamon Roll Day:

Eat Me

October 4th is Cinnemon Roll Day. How do you celebrate. By eating a Cinnamon Roll I would assume.  Here some things to ponder while you do so:

-Cinnebon was the first American franchise to open in Libya after Ghadafi was overthrown from power.

-The reason why the Cinnamon challenge is so hard is because cinnamon is super absorbent. It dries up all the saliva in your mouth instantly, making it impossible to swallow.

-After being first discovered, Cinnamon was worth more than gold.

Watch this:

Over at Reddit they are arguing over what is the best clip ever from the show Cops. Hard to choose considering the show has almost 1,000 episodes aired (982 to be exact). But one would assume this one would have to be up there:

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