The Jokes:

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane is going to host the Oscars. Well, actually he’s just going to tell a couple of jokes about obscure 80s movies and then remember past hosts by saying, “Gee, This reminds me of the time…”

American Express is going to give back 85 million dollars for overcharging customers. Banks giving us money? Now I’m confused.

News reported House prices have gone up. Just checked, House season 5 on DVD is $16. That doesn’t seem to bad to me.

Debate Bingo:

Tonight is the first presidential debate! Sometimes debates can be fun, and other times they’re horribly boring crap. In case it’s the latter, here’s a bingo card for you to print out. Lets see how many squares we can fill in!

Use scissors to cut it out. Ask your parents for help!

 Watch this: 

Those clever folks at Rifftrax recently took on the infamous Super Mario Bros. movie. Take a look:

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