The Jokes:

To prepare for debates, Obama is having John Kerry acting as Mitt Romney. Makes sense, Kerry has experience pretending to be a viable candidate.

Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey recorded his 20th win last week. Official are astounded, as it’s the first time a pitcher has more wins than the team he plays for.

In Russia, a milk company is being sued for putting rainbows on their cartons, therefor promoting homosexuality. Also, the country of Russia is being sued for promoting stupidity.

Cheers Turns 30

On September 30th 1982 Cheers made it’s debut. The pilot ranked the 3rd worst of all shows to air that week (74 out of 77) nearly leading to it’s cancellation. Fortunately, NBC gave it a second chance and the show would go on for 11 seasons.

The show of course was also where the character of Frasier Crane made his first appearance. Kelsey Grammer played the character for 9 years of Cheers and then another 11 on the spin-off show Frasier.

For no reason, here’s a quick photoshop of what the cast looks like today:

Watch This:

Speaking of long running sitcoms, here’s The Simpson’s take on the 2012 election:

See you tomorrow!

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