Every year Think Geek puts up a slew of fake products as a joke for April Fools. Items have included such silly items as a wireless power strip and a Beta-Max to HD-DVD converter. When I see such products I usually have a good laugh (or a good smirk at least, can you have a ‘good’ smirk? I’ll have to ask Dick Cheney next time I see him.), but sometimes Think Geek introduces a product so great, my head may know it’s fake, but my heart doesn’t want it to be.

Last year was the 8-bit tie, a piece of neck wear designed to look good enough for Mario. Fortunately I wasn’t the only one who marveled at the prospect of such a nice piece of clothing, as Think Geek after being bombarded with email actually made it into a real item. Unfortunately, the real item was made rather shoddy and mine fell apart. I need to acquire some mad sewing skills or actually take it to a trailor where I’m sure they’ll laugh me out of existence.

This year, though, Think Geek outdid themselves introducing the latest video game oddity from Japan, Super Pii Pii Brothers for the Nintendo Wii. You see, in this game… well let’s just let the YouTube do the talking:

Yes, this just might be the most awesome game of all time, besides Superman 64 of course. But unless Think Geek gets into video game programing it will never be. Oh, the sadness of it all.

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