Watching TGIF part 2

Mar 19, 2008

Last week I began watching a TGIF from November 1991 and logging my thoughts while doing so. Today I’m watching the second and last (thank God) half.

00:05 Here we go… Rising and Falling with Perfect Strangers.

02:01 Some blindfolded guy is smelling oranges in this commercial. Isn’t that a form of foreplay from them movies on late night Cinemax.

03:33 “Birds with no feathers flock together”, celebrating Mud Day… Oh Balki, will you ever learn!

07:35 “Salt, Pepper, Diamond”? Why the hell is that suppose to be funny. I wonder if the guy in charge of adding the canned laughter just added to fake yucks randomly because he figured no one would notice… he would of been correct.

09:22 “One of the Turkey’s must of swallowed the ring, it’s the only thing that makes sense.”

10:45 I think Larry’s going to kick Balki’s ass. It’s about time.

13:43 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze on VHS for $22.95. There is no part of that sentence I like.

15:01 “Baby Talk” is next. Why god, why?

17:55 This guy wants to know what the “foreign boy” is doing in his home. He must be a republican.

20:04 Larry really needs some Anger Management training.

22:45 Balki just tickled a guy instead of giving him the Heimlich.

26:40 Anyone else see something wrong with a pregnancy test commercial during a show aimed towards teenagers.

30:15 Look Who’s Talking just started, er I mean Baby Talk. The theme song enough makes me want to die.

30:48 Scoot Baio… If I stop posting it’s because I shot myself.

31:18 This F-Zero ad might soothe me for a while.

34:01 Death, torture, horrible disease.. please, anything other than this!.

35:10 Why does Baio do the voice of the baby as well as star as some annoying ass. Who thought Scott Baio could play two rolls? Who?

37:05 A Sizzler joke! One horrible thing making fun of another. Good, maybe we could bundle all these horrible things and send ’em straight to the evildoers.

38:44 That isn’t funny! I don’t care when this stupid canned laughter was recorded, they should be ashamed!

43:01 Thank god, a commercial break. I’ve seen this Pizza Hut Feivel Goes West as about 20 times so far this last hour and
I still prefer it.

45:00 15 mintes to go… I can’t make it. I hurt physically.

45:43 Scott Baio’s phone is almost as big as Zack Morris’

47:34 I remember once when I was very little my brother dropped a battery on my head and I had to go to the hospital. From now on I’ll look back on that moment in my life fondly.

50:13 I bet this kid is in therapy now… or, if it was as much torture for him to record this show as it is for me to watch it, dead.

53:36 I need an aspirin.

55:34 They’re breaking the wishbone. I bet they’re both wishing for the end of time.

56:00 The show ends on a burp. Really? Who the hell wrote this crap!

57:01 Hey, I remember this Mario commercial… I still don’t get it.

57:58 “Stay tuned for 20/20” I didn’t back then, and I’m not now.

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