Gee, Thanks Amazon

Feb 20, 2008

So, now that Blu-Ray is without a doubt the decisive victor over in the high def format wars I thought I’d celebrate by picking up a celebratory title for myself.

After carefully weighing my options between such films as No Country For Old Men and Michael Clayton, I decided to go with the most critically acclaimed of them all, The Fifth Element. I added it to my Amazon shopping cart, clicked purchase and proceeded to patiently wait by my front door for that box with that weird curved arrow on the side to arrive.

When it finally did, I tore open the box, only to find the following:

“Had there been a sticker on Mr. Willis’s face?,” I thought to myself (or said out loud, maybe I talk to myself, I don’t know, there wasn’t anyone around to tell me if I do), “And what happened to the shrink wrap?”

Sure enough I opened it to only see:

No disc! Ha! Oh those pranksters at Amazon! Hilarious!

UPDATE 2/21:

Well, one complaint and Amazon overnighted me a replacement (complete with movie this time!). Most impressive so far. Let’s see how they react when they receive the empty case I mailed back to them.


An email from has just confirmed their acceptance of my return. So all ends well. Not bad, award one point to Amazon customer service (reduce one from their shipping department).

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