I was checking out Google Hot Trends, a list of top rising search results, and was disturbed by what I found. No, I’m not referring to the fact that David Hyde Pierce for some reason made the top of the list on November 4th. I’m talking about goatse, or David Hyde Pierce, it’s not so much the content of the video I’m overly consered with. I suppose anyone who gets turned on by poo needs to get their jollies somehow. No, it’s the fact that it made it to number 64 on the Google Hot Trends list. How many damn people out there are into feces?

Can the internet users possibly paint themselves to be any more horrible? This and MySpace man. Proof that the world is going to hell in a hand basket.


[Larry has rented Balki a tuxedo]
Balki Bartokomous: Yours?
Larry Appleton: Yes.
Balki Bartokomous: Yours… looks… just like mine.
Larry Appleton: Yes.
Balki Bartokomous: But if we dress alike, how will people tell us apart?
Larry Appleton: Dental records.

-Perfect Strangers

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