There are certainly days when nothing can go my way. The car won’t start, there’s no Ubers in the area, bike has a flat tire, Trump is still president… you know those days. Perhaps unlucky things like this are happening because some guy in Australia is using up all the luck.

Bill Morgan’s run of luck started off rather horribly, being literally crushed to death in a   truck accident. He was clinically dead for 14 minutes before he was miraculously revived. Even then he was still in a coma. He was still in that state almost two weeks later when his family was advised they should plug. But suddenly Mr. Morgan woke up and was perfectly fine.

With a new lease on life he proposed to his girlfriend, who said yes. Then Mr. Morgan bought a lotto ticket and promptly won a brand new car worth $17,000. 

The local news was amazed by his story and decided to do a human interest piece on him. As part of the story, they decided to have Mr. Morgan reenact buying and scratching the lotto ticket. While scratching he won again, this time a jackpot worth $170,000. 

That was almost 20 years ago. I like to believe that somewhere out there he is still winning trucks and marrying girlfriends. 

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