b9317262646z-1_20150507121130_000_g6ranhgb6-1-0Ah, the lottery. A scam to increase revenue from the poor and naive. Still, when your leaving the supermarket and you have dollar in change the cashier just handed to you after you bought your Cotton Candy flavored Oreos sometimes you just toss into that instant win scracth off machine by the exit and Redbox knockoff.

Of course, odds are you’ll lose. But the odds aren’t that the lottery ticket is going to make fun of you. But that’s exactly what a man from Elmira, NY is claiming.

Nick Lynough bought a Wheel of Fortune lottery ticket. The games plays just like Wheel of Fortune, except without the wheel or the fortune. You scratch off some letters, see if they match the ones in the phrase… and have a chance at winning.

Mr. Lynough didn’t win anything except some publicity in his local newspaper after his ticket proclaimed “YOU ELMIRA TRASH”.

Most people would have laughed it off, maybe posted it to Reddit for some free Karma, but Mr. Lynough instead called the police.

The New York State lottery has responded by saying the words are generated at random and that they will remove the word “Trash” from future tickets.

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