I almost thought it was worth the $80 until I found out it doesn’t include the paper towels.

Remember the days when you were the kitchen and you couldn’t charge your iPhone, iPad, Kindle and head massager at the same time?

Well, those days are long gone. Skymall, the shopping source known for it’s overpriced crap you can buy on airplanes to keep you distracted from the fact you are in a 12,500 pound contraption being flung across the country at 500 mile per hour, has introduced the USB paper towel holder.

Yep, this paper towel holder has four USB ports and holds your paper towels. This has got to be the greatest invention since those potato chips that made you lose weight by giving you horrible diarrhea.

It’s a steal at just $80 too. Sure, you could buy a USB charger for about $5, but would that also hold your paper towels? What if you are playing Clash of Clans and you accidentally spill your Elixar? ┬áNow you got these paper towels right there to clean it up.

Nothing else in my kitchen has USB ports, I’m looking at you box of Oatmeal I bought 3 years ago bet never opened.


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