So I received this odd Simpson’s Donut yesterday:

I’m not one to put down anything I get for free, especially when it’s Simpson’s related, but… what the hell is it? A big foam donut? Removing the wrapper from it didn’t seem to answer any questions:

Then I had an idea. Like any sane person would, I put it in a tub of water:

Now, mind you, there was no indication on the donut anywhere of what this was, or what I was suppose to do with it. But I had a hunch, and as you can see above, after putting it in the water it began to get some yellow discoloration.

Looks, like we’re getting somewhere now.

Dripping wet with goodness.

The final final product! A very wet and wrinkley t-shirt!

Make sure to join us next time here on Mystery Donut theatre!

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