iOS 7 is pissing a lot of people off at the Apple Store.

Not sure what it is about China, but parents don’t seem to care where their children go number one or two.

A pal recently told of his trip to China earlier this year, when parents would just hold there defecating kids over bushes. If you let your dog crap on the sidewalk here in America people go ballistic, a kid takes a dump in the middle of a train station in China, no one bats an eye.

Now this horrible phenomenon seems to be limited to the more rural areas. If you visit China and stick to the main areas like Beijing or Tienanmen Square you should be free of seeing ¬†pooping kids. The worse thing that might happen to you is that maybe you’ll get run over by a tank.

China is a country known for not wanting to have girls, perhaps it’s just because it’s easier for boys to participate in public urination.

Here are a few more pictures of the people we owe money too:


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