I wish this had no smell… or taste

Who doesn’t love Pepsi? The little over half of people that call themselves Coke drinkers, I guess. Why don’t they love Pepsi? Too sweet? Not iconic enough? Because they don’t put Santa Claus on the can? No! It’s because it doesn’t smell enough!

Good news, though. Pepsico has filed a patent on a system that might make your next bottled beverage a little more stinky. When unscrewing the cap, a capsule will break releasing an intoxicating bouquet that’ll make you think, at least, that your drink tastes better.

The most likely use of this will be on Pepsico’s Tropicana drinks. When you open that Orange Juice you’ll be hit when the fake smell of fresh oranges. So now you can pretend you are drinking fresh juice instead of something that was sitting in a vat in Florida for God knows how long before being pumped full of chemicals, bottled and shipped across the country to your local 7-Eleven.

In the future maybe they can have the cans release a toxic gas that will give us instant diabetes instead of having to keep drinking soda to get it.

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