China is quite excited about having the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008. The country can show off it’s thriving economy, let us marvel at how they actually got communism to work, and block their own citizens from reading anything we may say negatively about it on our blogs.

But it seems to not be all cheers and giggles in China. They have their worries too. It seems those who inhabit Beijing have a bit of a problem keeping their saliva where it belongs.

Yes, China has unleashed a media campaign warning their citizens to stop spitting all over the place. Remember that scene from the first Naked Gun movie with all the baseball players spitting everywhere, apparently it’s like that all the time in China (don’t feel bad if you don’t remember it, I feel ashamed that I do).

Another concern is the poor English on display on their billboards. Translated correctly it would read, “Find something new and be pleasantly surprised.” But I for one prefer the current version, I’m always pleasently surprised by getting groped.

Read more at The New York Times.

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