Spoiled food or delicious ethnic food?
Spoiled food or delicious ethnic food?

If somebody were to ask you to name a Chinese food, there’s a good chance you would respond with chop suey. But, like fortune cookies, it’s not even from China.

Chop Suey is a stir fry dish commonly made with beef, chicken, or fish. The name itself refers to different types of food. While the origin of the dish is disputed one popular theory is that it’s garbage:

The theory suggest that a Chinese chef was mad at the way a group of customers were treating him. As revenge he took all the scraps of food in the kitchen that was meant for the garbage and cooked it up. The customers loved it though, and continued to ask for it on future visits.

Of course, that may not be true and there could be a much boring story about it’s history. But, I prefer to think we’re all just eating trash.



And now for the part where i recycle old stories from this site that vaguely have something to do with a current event. I call it:

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