The Worst of UPN

Aug 21, 2013

Old_upn_logoIn 1996 two new networks debuted. UPN and The WB. While The WB quickly established itself as a network specializing in teen dramas (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Dawson’s Creek, Smallville) UPN struggled at first to find an identity. At first it seemed UPN might be the place for Action and Sci-Fi with such shows as Star Trek: Voyager and Nowhere Man, It then seemed as UPN decided instead to appeal to the African American community, but they failed at that too.

After ten years UPN was made defunct. What few shows they had that were anywhere close to descent were moved to the CW, a joint venture between UPN and The WB.

Here are some of the worse shows UPN soiled the airwaves with:

Homeboys In Outer Space:

Watch the opening for this show. Just do it. How could anyone decide this was a good idea to put on television? The biggest mystery though is how this show lasted 21 episodes before it was finally cancelled.

They say this was supposed to be a comedy, but by definition a comedy is supposed to be funny.


The Mullets:

UPN failed with Black stereotypes with Homeboys in Outer Space, so why not try redneck stereotypes instead?

This show fared even worse, only lasting 8 episodes before being yanked off the air. Although there are three episodes that were never aired. If you find them, please burn them.

Amish in the City:

UPN tried it’s hand at reality TV with this show. They took six Amish teens and made them live with six mainstream teens.

This show only lasted 9 episodes, but with shows like Amish Mafia actually doing well now, maybe this show was just ahead of it’s time.

PfeiffercastThe Secret Diary of Desmond Pfeiffer:

I’ve saved the worst for last.

Here’s the pitch. What if Abraham Lincoln was an idiot and the entire Civil War was actually perpetrated¬†by his African American valet that came to America by slave ship? Yeah, it’s hilarious, I’m sure.

Of course you wouldn’t know how the African American valet came to America because the pilot episode was never aired due to protests. Instead the first episode involved President Lincoln have “telegraph” sex.

This show only made it to four episodes before it was cancelled. Unlike slavery, nobody was upset when it was abolished.


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