Useless Channels

Feb 12, 2007

Ah, the joys of fiber optic TV. So many channels, so many of them useless. You can have over 200 stations, and still feel like your getting ripped off by how horribly useless some of them are.

Need some convincing? How about:

The Hallmark Channel

How exactly do you base a station on a greeting card? I’m pretty sure it’s not by scheduling nothing but Walker Texas Ranger and Diagnosis: Murder reruns.

The Learning Channel

Sorry TLC. You use to be good. Back in the days of cable you were a nice supplement to the Discovery Channel as part of the education through TV experience. Now the only things you show are about decorating other people’s house and “flipping” houses. The only thing I’ve learned from you is how annoying this reality TV virus can be.

QVC, Home Shopping Network, America’s Store, Jewelry TV, ShopNBC

Why do these stations still even exist. Getting ripped of shopping from your home may have been novel 15 years ago, but doesn’t the internet fill that role now?

FOX Reality

Why they hate us.


Why did Nickelodeon make this channel? Why? You might as well relabel it the Guts and Figure It Out Network, after the only two shows on this channel.

Music Choice

Does anyone actually listen to music on their TV? Why, why would you do that? No, I’m willing to bet no one does. The only reason these stations exist is so that cable company’s can add another 50 to their total channel count to boast about.

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