Ahhh, video games, is there anything they can’t do?

Too bad they cost so much. But don’t fret, here are some tips to same some money.

Never Buy When The Game First Comes Out

Games tend to drop in price dramatically after a couple of months. Don’t waste your $60. Games will go down in price pretty fast. The exception here is Nintendo games, which tend to stay full price for a long time.

Gamestop-Be-LikeDo Not Shop at or sell to Gamestop

Trading or selling your used games to Gamestop is a big mistake. They’ll give you peanuts compared to what your games are worth. Instead sell on eBay or half.com. For example, selling The Last of Us to Gamestop will currently get you about $30. On Half.com you can sell that game for $44.

Likewise, buying Last of Us used from Gamestop will cost you $55, while you can get it used from other sources for $44.


If you are a PC gamer, Steam is a great source for games. They are always having sales. And here’s a pro tip: Any game you are interested in put on your wishlist on Steam. When it goes on sale they will email you to let you know.

imagesGet Playstation Plus

Playstation+ is Sony’s version or Xbox live, but much better. For $50 a year you’ll get about a game a month, free to play as long as you are a member. Right now you can get such games as Hitman: Absolution, Saint’s Row, Uncharted 3 and Little Big Planet Racing.

Humble Bundle

Want to save money and support charity? Check out Humble Bundle.¬†Every week a different bundle of games is offered and you can pay any price you’d like for it. Best of all, your purchase helps charities.

Cheap Ass Gamer

Check out Cheap Ass Gamer. These forums are constantly updated with great sales on games.


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