4355363_origIt used to be hard to make a show. You to get a camera, buy expensive film, setup microphones, and know how to edit. But starting in the 1980’s with the rise of VHS, it started becoming easier for anyone to make their own videos… a little too easy.

The Found Footage Festival has made it their mission to find these old VHS tapes and torture us by reintroducing them to us.  Here are some of the nest of the worse:

First up we got Blessercize. If you’re very religious, you might want God involved in every part of your life. So a bible quoting exercise tape might not be too crazy. Nah, watch this for a few seconds and you’ll know better. Highlight: The one creepy guy working out all women. Also, “Hello Floor”.

Next we have the one and only U.S. National Video Game Team. Well say one and only, but only because I assume there’s only one. How many can their be? They teach us the secrets of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Perhaps this is the video David Cameron watched that made him decide to ban porn. May I present to you: Pornography: A Winnable Battle!

Finally we have the craziest, and possibly saddest of the bunch. Rent-A-Friend! In 1986 if you were lonely you could just play this tape on your VCR and instantly have a friend in your living room.


rent_a_friendFor more information about the Found Footage Festival, and more nutty videos, click it here.

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